How to get to Casa Viena?

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Some traveler complained about our location, “too far” away from the center (850 meters to the main square) . In any case, If your luggage is heavy , better take a taxi ..(5000 pesos)

A taxi takes less than 5 minutes ,-we are in the neighborhood "La Bañadera", about 150m along the dirt road to the military base(on the road to Arcoiris or hostal Renacer, 2 other options to stay)

If you want to walk, leave the bus station  on the side of plaza Mayor..
Cross the plaza on the side with the church, and continue straight ahead on to " calle caliente", passing Ricaurte Park on your right..Continue straight on to the poved road(with a park on the left and houses on the right)

You will arrive at a bridge - Cross it , and take the dirt road to the right (there is a sign that says Arcoiris)....That road is called" carrera 10" or " via a la Colorada", continue along this road for 150m, and Casa Viena will be on the right hand side - All together 15 minuits...


Get in from Bogotá – first to Tunja changing there to Villa de Leyva or by direct bus

  • From Bogota to Tunja buses are leaving every 10 minutes. In Tunja you change to a bus to Villa de Leyva (39 km) last bus from Tunja around 6:30 p.m
  • The bus line “Libertador” has big comfortable buses leaving twice a day direct to Villa de Leyva (4:50 am and 2:00 pm).. Another bus company called "Valle de Tenza" (not that comfortable as  “Libertadores” ),leaving direct  every day at 6 a.m 8:45 a.m. 11 a.m. 4:30

Or you go by "Transmilenio" (bus system in Bogotá) to "Portal del Norte", the  exit of Bogota , where you pick up one of the buses passing by every  some minuets  to Tunja - or one of the direct buses.

All buses, leaving from the bus station are passing by Portal del Norte around 50 minutes later (saving in this way 1 hour bus ride )

A taxi to "Portal del Norte", from the airport or from the center of Bogota cost around 25.000 pesos

From Chinquinquira: Vans leave hourly to Villa de leyva - approximately a 1 hour trip. – Last bus around 4p.m

  • To combine a trip to the Salt Cathedral on the way to Villa de Leyva, take a bus to Zipaquira and then take a taxi to the Cathedral. Then take a taxi to Plaza de la Riena for a minibus to Chiquinquira.

Get in from San Gil – first to Tunja changing there to Villa de Leyva - all together it takes about 6 hours - dont miss the last bus in Tunja to Villa de Leyva - leaving around 6:30 p.m.